About Me and My Model Railroad


Welcome to my Model Railroading website! My name is Andrew, and I have been interested in model railroading since I was 7 years old, and I have been fascinated with trains my whole life. This website is a blog for me to document the construction of my N scale Model Railroad of the New York Central Railroad between 1940-1960, also known as the Transition Era from steam to diesel locomotives. I am challenging myself to take my modeling to the next level. My layout is 36″ x 80″ and is built on a hollow core door. All of my track is handlaid code 40 with over 3,500 ties handlaid on the layout. All of my 15 turnouts are scratch built and are #8 turnouts for realistic appearance.

Details of my Model Railroad Layout:

  • Name: New York Central Railroad
  • Scale: N (160:1)
  • Size: 36″ x 80″, Hollow Core Door
  • Prototype: NYC
  • Locale: New York
  • Era: 1940-1960 (Transition Era)
  • Style: Walk Around with 2 different scenes divided by the backdrop
  • Mainline Run: 17 feet
  • Minimum Radius: 11.5″ (inner curve inside tunnel for branch line)
  • Minimum Turnout: #8
  • Maximum Grade: 4% (inner curve inside tunnel for branch line)
  • Height: 52″
  • Roadbed: Cork glued to foam, foam glued directly to HCD
  • Track: Handlaid Code 40
  • Control: Digitrax Super Chief Duplex Radio

Click Here to see my New York Central Locomotive and Passenger Fleet


I am a concert pianist http://www.AndrewLapp.com. I also trade stocks and forex, and I teach people my trading strategy htttp://www.VSASyndicate.com. My wife and I have a little girl, Hannah, who just turned a year old earlier this year (2017). I have my pilot’s license and love to fly, and I also like to travel and spend time outside with my wife and daughter.